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eMail systems - kerio connect - EXChange in the cloud

We have experience with on premises eMail such as Exchange and Kerio Connect as well as the "Cloud" email systems.  We'll help you deside which is right for your business now and for the future.  We can also help you implement these systems which are as important as any part of your business.  We are very aware of the need for security and can provide the guidance and expertise to protect your data and email content as well as making sure it's backed up and protected by antimalware tools and minimum Spam.

  • Kerio is the best replacement of Exchange
  • Simple install and reliable performance - small or large

VoIP Phone Systems

  • Kerio Operator

  • Simple to setup and Full Function

servers and network hardware

  • HP, Dell and Lenovo Servers
  • Cisco, HP, IBM routers and switches
  • Microsoft Server and VMware platforms

Desktop, laptop and tablets

  • Lenovo, HP and Dell computers

  • Microsoft Office, Office 365, Google Apps, Open Office

Cloud services

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Rackspace

  • Office 365

  • Carbonite backup

  • Symantec End Point protection