part-time CIO - it department

Omninet can be YOUR CIO!  Just like the large enterprises, our years of experience in systems, business and management at companies such as IBM can help you make better IT decisions, hire the right people and manage projects effectively.  We provide network services in the Houston area as well as managed IT services and Network Manaement.

We know you can buy hardware and software anywhere.  If you don't know what to buy, though, you're wasting more than money.  You're wasting time.

 Omninet will listen to your plans, analyze what you're doing now and show you a plan to move to your future goals in a smooth and business as usual manner.  Picking the infrastructure and direction of your IT is as important as any decision you can make regarding your business.

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Secure Networks - Remote Access - Remote Support

on site support

  • File Server
  • VMware hosts and VMs 
  • Windows Servers
  • Hyper-V Environments

Remote support

  • Remote Desktop Connected
  • Monitor and Maintaine
  • All System Functions

Support Contracts

  • Fixed Monthly Costs
  • ​Reliable support and response

​Network Security

  • FREE Security Review and Audit

  • VPN - Firewall

  • Content Safety